Mix a little Dr. Suess with some brothers grimm and a dollop of Maurice Sendak and what do you get? A delicious musical treat to whet the appetites of Young Readers. Drawing from such classics as Green Eggs and Ham, Little Red Riding Hood ,Oh,The Thinks You Can Think, Alligators All Around Wendy creates delightful vocal vignettes with style. She shows students how to use the tools of the actor's trade --voice ,face and walks. The audience will sing, , create a rainstorm, with special volunteers will become special characters! Great show to encourage reading.

Pre-K- 2nd Grade


Stir up some fun and hook pre-readers with this delectable program starring the letters Y,W,A.P,J and F. Young childrenlearn their ABC's by singing them.With Wendy, they learn not just the names of the letters, but the sounds they make. Students will yodel, crow,sing,and wiffle to snappy tunes like "Family Under one sky", "The Yodel song", "Wishy Washy Washer Woman", and Alligators All Around". Dig into this jam-packed, literacy-building songfest and you're sure to reach for the letters W-O-W!

Pre-K - early K


Did you know the most versatile instrument is the human voice? Wendy proves it as she morphs from opera diva to jazz crooner to broadway belter. The range of musical selections is as broad as the vocal styles with folk songs, love songs, and an operatic aria. Students crow,scatsing, and keep rhythm,and even perform on stage to Wendy's variations of "I've Gotta Crow" from Peter Pan, "The Laughing Song", The Itsy Bitsy Spider", and "Don't Be Anything Less Than Everything You can Be".

Pe-K-3rd Grade 


How do characters make their way from the pages of a book to the stage? Wendy's musical theater draws on examples from well known children's favorites such as protagonist Peter pan, supporting character the fairy godmother, antagonist Captain Hook, and the goals of Princess Winnifred in the Princess and the Pea, to help students discover the key elements around which stories are based.